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Our Custom Stretching Department can stretch almost any part of a shoe or boot to comfortably fit the unique curves and bumps and what–have–you’s of each person’s foot. Some people only need the top part of a boot stretched – no problem. Some people can't fit their boots over their favorite jeans – we can fix that too. If your left leg is wider than your right, we will stretch the left more than the right. If you have a bunion on the outside of one foot, we stretch that area for you. Stretching takes a little time, but it’s worth it to be done right. The only effect stretching will have on the item is making it look slightly worn, but it's hardly noticeable. 

The process begins with a precise combination of chemicals that we so aptly named “stretching liquid" being sprayed on the boot. Then we put them on the boot stretchers which are shaped like a leg, or shoe stretchers which are shaped like a foot. We take our time and really know what we’re doing. After some time has passed, we take the shoe off the stretcher and it will be ready to be shipped to you-- custom fit! 

How to get items custom stretched by CHUCKiES New York:
  • Using soft measuring tape, measure the widest part of your calf or the area of your foot that you need stretched*.
  • Make sure you measure with any jeans or socks that you hope to wear with your purchase so that we can be sure everything will fit nicely. 
  • Send us an email to cs@CHUCKiESNewYork.com including your order number, product codes of the items you need stretched, and your measurements. 
  • It will take a day or two longer for your items to be shipped but once you receive them they will fit like they were made for you. 

*Please make sure you measure correctly, custom stretched items are considered final sale.